Thursday, July 22, 2010

Store coupon policy

Have you ever been to a store and had a coupon rejected? One that you knew was legit. Got frustrated and walked out? Maybe only yesterday you were at the exact same store,buying the exact same product,using the exact same coupon and had no problems. You feel frustrated because you took time to plan that trip only to be denied. I feel your pain! I too have had totally legit coupons be rejected for one reason or another! Here is a list of links for the available corporate coupon policies for each store. When you have a cashier who rejects a coupon,whip out your policy and show it to them. If they still try to reject it,call a manager. If the manager still rejects your coupon call corporate. If it's Monday-Friday 8am - 4 pm stay at the store. More than likely corporate will call the store and fix the problem while you are there. If you're shopping at a time when the corporate office is closed, make note of the day and time that you call. They will call or email you back when the office opens. I have been upset when a coupon was rejected, only to feel empowered after calling corporate and having the coupon redeemed. Please don't give up! There's a coupon jedi at every store. Having the rules in black and white should help. I hope that this post leaves you feeling empowered as every coupon qu33n should be! For more help you can also read my couponing tips post. If you have a less than positive experience and need a chuckle to help you refocus check out this post. Sometimes all we need to know is that we are not alone. If you need a little encouragement PLEASE read this post on helping others who are less fortunate through your use of coupons.

Walmart's Coupon Policy

Walmart's Price Match Policy

Dollar General's Coupon Policy

Meijer's Coupon Policy (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

Target's coupon Policy

Target's Price Match Policy

Kroger's coupon Policy

Walgreen's coupon Policy (Walgreens does not have a corporate coupon policy. They do have guidelines. Since there is no link to a specific policy, here are 2 links to frequently asked questions.) LINK#1 LINK#2

CVS's coupon Policy( I urge you to contact CVS yourself as they do not have a policy available online.) Here is a guide from I heart CVS since there is no coupon policy available. I have emailed CVS myself. I you would like a copy of the letter I received forwarded to you please email me,and I'll send you a copy.

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