Thursday, July 1, 2010

This one's for you mom!

Have you ever gone into a Walgreens and had a less than positive experience? Well, you are not alone. This seems to happen to my mom a lot. She calls me and tells me how she didn't get the deal I've posted and rethinks couponing all together. "Missy I'm done! This is just not worth it!" When she's at another store with a clear corporate coupon policy I tell her to fight it. Well, what about Wags? It doesn't have a corporate coupon policy. It seems people all over are having the same problems that my mom seems to run into from time to time. Collin over at HIP2SAVE just did a SUPER AWESOME FANTASTIC EXCELLENT post on this same issue. Even if you haven't personally ran into this problem before I urge you to watch these videos. If you're having a less than happy day and need a chuckle, click the links. I believe that ALL of us coupon qu33ns can relate!


*Here is the comment I left on her site*
This is AWESOME! Thank you SO much for doing this! I just had this conversation about coupons with a Wags manager last week. I was chatting with my favorite Wags employees about coupons. She’s a couponer too! I was telling her how I wished she worked 24/7 because it’s so much easier to shop when she’s working. She gets it. Well, the manager butted in and said that I could NOT have the coupon amount adjusted down because it’s fraud. I kept getting NONONO from him. It stayed on my mind and the next time I came in I asked to speak with him. I asked if he would adjust the price of a 99 cent item to $1 so my coupon would work. He again said no. I then spoke about Target and Walmart lowering the price of coupons. He said that’s fraud. I then asked about the coupon policy. He was again clueless! I told him how I’d LOVE to have rules in black and white. Again speaking of Target and Walmart’s policy being online. He told me that there’s general rules that they follow from store to store. I told him how it depends on which Walgreens you’re at and sometimes which employee with in the same Walgreens location. He told me ” I don’t know how you think this works. Walgreens doesn’t get the money back from the coupons that you use. They only get a percentage,” I happend to have a coupon with me(amazing right:) I read off the bottom, price plus 8 cents handing. I explained how they actually make MORE money off coupons. He again said how he didn’t get reimbursed. Then he explained that it was because they get lost. I said that coupons are money. Then said Oh, you don’t get reimbursed because of Wags employees not because of us couponers. I could see that he was frustrated. He went to walk away and I just gave up. It never even crossed my mind to do something this!

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