Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kroger is the best!

Everyone knows Kroger is my favorite place to shop for groceries. Why is it better than the competition? The first reason is Kroger's coupon policy. Kroger offers unlimited double coupons. That means if you have 20 coupons for an item,all 20 will double. Unlike Meijer that only doubles the first 2 identical coupons and Walmart doesn't double at all.Kroger also gives overage. If the product is 50 cents and you have a 40 cent coupon,it will double it to 80 cents. That gives you a 30 cent overage. The overage is then applied to the cost of the other items on your bill,saving you even more money!! Most employees at Kroger are coupon friendly. That makes for a priceless,stress free shopping trip. I've shopped at other stores and walked away with a less than happy shopping experience! Another great reason that I shop at Kroger is that I've never had to deal with a quantity limit. Meijer has actually limited me to buying only 2(yes 2) sale items per trip. That's after speaking with the manager on duty and calling the corporate office. Is it really a buy 10 get the 11th free sale if your limited to only 2 items? Kroger is excellent at keeping the sale items in stock. If (on the rare occasion) they are out of an item,you can get a rain check from your cashier. No calling the manager and waiting and waiting for a rain check on an advertised sale item. I mean haven't you spent enough time planning your trip,driving to the store, only to see the item you intended to spend your hard earned money on out of stock? Then (at Meijer)I've had to wait for a manager to come over and approve a rain check. That seems a bit ridiculous to me! Kroger also has a shopper card that you can load clip free coupons onto! Just visit cellfire,shortcuts, and Kroger's own website and with just a few clicks, you're saving money! Speaking of the shopper card,it also gives you a discount on fuel! You can save up to $1 per gallon of fuel with your Kroger card. Just buy your groceries at Kroger and for every $100 you spend,you save money at the pump! Here's the best part,they give you points for the coupons you use too! Every dollar worth of coupons used at Kroger is like a dollar paid with real cash towards your fuel purchase. So even if your bill is only $25 but you used $75 in coupons,it counts as $100 spent! That gives you 10 cents off per gallon at the pump. At the Kroger gas station your discounts can add up to a dollar off each gallon of gas! If you're not lucky enough to be near a Kroger with a fuel station you can save 10 cents per gallon of fuel at Shell! BUT WAIT THERES MORE:) If you get a cell phone at Kroger you can save even more! I purchased a Sanyo 2700 at Kroger a few months ago. When you activate your cell phone it will give you the option to add your Kroger card to your phone. For every 100 points you earn(it's just like the fuel points) you get 30 free minutes on your cell phone! This month if you purchase a cell phone at Kroger(you'll get points for buying the phone too) you get 400 free minutes! That translates to $40 free!! So, basically you buy the phone and get a free month of service! Then add your Kroger card to your phone and save even more! The phone service is through Iwireless. I have used their service for several months and I love it! There's no contract for the service. When my cell bill is due they send me a text reminder. Then I go to Kroger and buy an Iwireless phone card. I get double points for buying a gift(phone) card! So, I spend $50 for the card and get 100 points! That's 30 free cell phone minutes and another 10 cents to add to my fuel discount! Even when you shop at other stores you can stretch that dollar even further when you make a quick trip to Kroger! Kroger has many gift cards to choose from. When you buy $50 in gift cards you will receive 100 points on your Kroger card. That will give you a fuel discount and more free cell phone minutes! Yesterday before heading to Toys R Us I popped into Kroger and bought a Toys R Us gift card. I knew I would be buying quite a few games and ponies at TRU. When I bought that gift card I got FREE cell phone minutes and another fuel discount. Why not get something free for money you will be spending anyway? All the points above are just SOME of the great reasons why Kroger really is the BEST place to shop!

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