Thursday, April 1, 2010

Did you get free my little ponies?

I got the deal of the day email last night. I was SUPER excited when I saw it!! I immediately called my coupon BFF and told her all about the deal. We planned on meeting up at TRU at opening. So at 9am there we were sitting in the TRU parking lot. The store opened and we went straight back to the ponies. We looked at the shelf and OH NO only 4 ponies in stock and one box was ripped open! We put our ponies in our cart(two each) and grabbed some playsets. Then we headed to the games. We picked up some games and headed to the checkout. We were told (by the manager on duty) at the Beavercreek Ohio location that we could NOT use a coupon on a sale item. HUH?!? Since when? He told me that it was in the Toys R Us coupon policy. I called corporate. She told me that it was policy as well! I asked for their coupon policy to be emailed to me. She took my email address. She then told me to email the corporate office about it. WAIT wasn't I on the phone with them? Why would I have to then write a letter? I left! I was extremely upset! I then called the Dayton Mall location. I spoke to the manager there. Brian said, NO that is not our policy and he would gladly take our coupons! My coupon BFF and I loaded back in the mini van and headed there. We scored several ponies for only 38 cents tax! I had a great cashier Stephen who rang through each and every coupon! Thanks Brian and Stephen for being Super excellent coupon friendly employees!

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