Monday, July 26, 2010

How did you do at the Kroger Mega Event?

Did you get a chance to go to the Kroger Mega event? I did my last Mega run yesterday at Kroger. I took my friend Ashley with me. We had our list in hand and coupons fully stocked in my binders. *On a side note, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH ASHLEY FOR HELPING ME GET ALL MY COUPONS ORGANIZED!!!!* I ended up with 3 carts (4 when bagged) full of items. My total number of items was 177! I spent $102.29 including tax and saved *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* $344.82! That's a savings of 77%! My receipt is taller than I am! My kids were super excited to see all the foods they love like Easy Mac,Breyer's ice cream, Spaghettio's, Juicy Juice, Quaker Quakes rice cakes, Del Monte Fruit chillers, Tyson chicken and SO MUCH MORE! I earned 339 fuel points. That will give us 30 cents off each gallon of gas! We also earned 180 cell phone minutes! They were out of stock on quite a few items. That's what happens when so many items are FREE after coupons! I did get quite a few rain checks. It's actually awesome because I can order more coupons and get even more FREEBIES when the items are back in stock! It feels really good to be a couponqu33n!!

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