Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Attention Commissary Shoppers!

I have great news for you! The commissary accepts catalina coupons! Yes it's true! You can take the register rewards that you get from all those Wags trips and use them at the commissary! Lucky you! I must admit I am seriously jealous! The DECA Facebook page has this to say:

"Did you know we accept manufacturer coupons that have a Walgreens Register Rewards, Kroger, Target and other retailer’s logo on them? Yes – as long as the coupon verbiage does not limit redemption solely to those stores. Each coupon must be individually evaluated to ensure it states it is a manufacturer coupon and doesn’t limit its use solely to the retailer advertised, the commissary can accept it."

If only they had a special civilian tag along day:) Well, a girl can dream:P

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