Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Printable Savings On Rechareable Batteries!

Do you have kids? If you do then you know much money can go just to buying batteries! How can you save? Well we used to buy the Rayovac batteries (dollar spot Target) in bulk but that offer has expired:( We now use rechargeable batteries. You can save tons by using rechargeable batteries! I love our Wii but those little wiimotes drain batteries. Before you know it your replacing the batteries again and again! Why not buy rechargeables? You only have the one time cost and then your set! They are a bit more expensive than regular batteries but you never have to replace them! Just put them in the charger and poof they're charged and ready to go! Here are some printable coupons for those rechargeables.

$3 on Rayovac rechargeable batteries
$2 on Energizer rechargeable batteries

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