Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dyson DC14 all floors vacuum ONLY $249!!

Everyone knows that I LOVE my Dyson! I got my Dyson about 2 years ago. It's awesome! Why is it awesome? It's awesome because it NEVER looses suction! I never have to buy another bag again and it has a washable filter! It has on board tools! With on board tools there's no putting this and that piece together and searching for the other piece because they're all right there on the vacuum! It also comes with a 6 month warranty. Now usually I don't spend $200 on a vacuum but this one is worth way more than the $200 you'll spend. Before I got my Dyson I was replacing vacuums about every 3-6 months because they would break. If you have kids(or grandchildren) then you know, there is always some mystery substance on the floor. The old vacuums just couldn't take it! They would loose suction and I would be less than happy. Sweep your floor with your current vacuum. Then sweep it with a Dyson. You'll be amazed at all the yuckies(as my 2 year old calls it) that your old vacuum leaves behind! With a bagless you can see all the dirt that's on your floor. Seeing all that dirt will motivate your kids to actually help with housework. The regular price for this vacuum is $429.99! Starting Sunday June 20 through Saturday June 26 it is on sale at Big Lots for only $249! That's a SUPER HOT deal! I researched the Dyson DC14 on Google. 688 people reviewed it. Out of those 688 people, 471 gave it 5 stars! Some people did give a less than 5 star rating. I think those people are not cleaning their filter. About every 6 months or so you'll have to clean your filter. The entire cleaning process will take less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is run it under some water and brush across the little holes with an old toothbrush. Then let it dry over night and POOF it will work just as good as the day that you brought it home! I encourage you to buy this SUPER vacuum! At this price it won't last long and I'm positive that you will be just as happy with yours as I am with mine!

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