Saturday, June 19, 2010

50 FREE Mommy cards from Kodak!

You might be wondering, What are mommy cards? Mommy cards are mommy business cards that have your name,child or children's names, email address and your phone number on them. Has your child ever made a friend at a park, never to see them again? Well, then these are perfect for you! You just hand the mom your mommy card and then you can schedule playdates! It's that simple! Your child can NEVER have too many friends! That's why these cards are perfect! If you're new to the Kodak Gallery you will score another SUPER HOT DEAL. You'll receive 50 FREE prints as well! Just hop on over to the Kodak Gallery and click "shop mommy cards" at the bottom left side of the page. You can then create your mommy cards. You can design them any way that you'd like! You will have to pay for shipping but it's ONLY $3.99! So for newbies that's 50 prints and 5 mommy cards for less than $4 bucks! That's less than 4 cents each for newbies shipped or 8 cents a card for registered members!

*Thanks to HIP@SAVE for this deal*

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