Sunday, May 2, 2010

Walgreens Deals 5/1/2010-5/8/2010

Walgreens has very few FREEBIES this week. After multiple trips last week it's actually kinda nice to have a slow week. Below are my favorites for the week. Make sure to pick up some 99 cent Reach toothbrushes while you're there. Each one that you buy scores 5 cents for the cashier that rings you up. Helping your cashier make extra money definitely helps with a smooth transaction. After coupons they're FREE! So, why not pick some up today? Don't forget to get your mom a Mother's day card too! You can get ALL of these deals and more COMPLETELY FREE when you play the prescription game. You can read ALL about the RX game here.

Select Reach toothbrushes 99 cents
Use the BOGO coupon from the 12/6/2009 RP -or- 1/3/2010 RP
AND Use any of the $1 off coupons from the 6/14/2009 SS -or- 10/18/09 RP -or- 1/3/2010 RP -or- 3/7/2010
OR use the $3 off 3 coupon from the 4/11/2010 RP
OR use this $1 off printable coupon

Nivea Body Wash $5.59
Get back $5 in RR WYB $15(before coupons)
Use the $4 off coupons from the 5/2/2010 RP
*your transaction will look like this...$5.59x3=$16.77-$12($4x3)=$4.77-$5RR= 23 cents profit!!*
23 cents MONEYMAKER!!

Sure Deodorant 2.6-2.7oz $1.50 with in ad coupon page#13
Use the $1.50 off coupon from the 5/2/2010 SS

Kellogg's cereal 12-18oz 2 for $5
Use the $1.50 off 2 coupon from the 3/28/2010 RP
Get back $2 in RR WYB 2
ONLY 75 cents a box!!

Hallmark Cards PSA 49 cents!
Get $2 in RR WYB 4
Get $5 in RR WYB 8
* I couldn't find the 49 cent cards so I bought 8-99 cent cards. I got back $5RR.
Paid $7.92-Got back $5-Final for ALL 8 cards...$2.92! 37 cents each is a Stock up price! Pick some up for upcoming Birthdays or even a Thank you card or two!

Pepto-Bismol $4.99
Use 3 75 cents off coupons from the 5/2/2010 P&G
Get back a $10 RR
Pay ONLY 91 cents each!

Starbucks Frappuccino 13.7oz $2 with in ad coupon page#2

Print Works Multipurpose Paper 400 Sheets $2.99
with in ad coupon page#4 limit 3

Gillette Body Wash $3.33
Use 2 of the BOGO coupons from the 5/2/2010 P&G
AND use the $4 off 2 coupon from the 5/2/2010 P&G
Pay only $2.67 for ALL 4! 67 cents each!

Buy $10 in Select items and get $2 in Register Rewards!
$4 - Cascade 60oz or 15ct Action packs, Bounce Dryer Bar or 70-80ct sheets,Tide Stain Release 10 pack or 20oz, and Downy 21-40LD or sheets 70-80 ct.
25% 0ff - Febreze Soy candle 6oz,Febreze Air Effects, Febreze Noticeables Refill, Febreze Fabric Refresher,Febreze Reed diffuser, Mr. Clean, Magic Eraser, Swiffer Wet Jet Starter kit, 12-16ct Refills, 5 pack Duster, or Wet Jet Cleaner 42.2

Revlon Tweezers BOGO 50% off
Use 2 of the $1 off coupons from the 4/25/2010 SS
Use the $1 off coupon from the Wags May coupon booklet

Rimmel Cosmetics BOGO 50%off
Use the $1 off coupon from the 3/14/2010 RP

Irish Spring Body Wash $2.99
Use the 50 cents off coupon from the 4/25/2010 RP
Get back $2 in Register Rewards
Only 49 cents!!

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