Monday, May 17, 2010

Wags deals 5/16/2010-5/22/2010

There are a few good deals to be had at Wags this week. You can learn how to get ALL your items for FREE here. If you are confused by any of the language in this post please read my coupon lingo post. Make sure to pick up some 99 cent Reach toothbrushes while you're there. Each one that you buy scores 5 cents for the cashier that rings you up. Helping your cashier make extra money definitely helps with a smooth transaction and why not reward your favorite cashier for all the excellent service that you receive? After coupons they're FREE! So, why not pick some up today? Below is a list of my favorites.

Gillette Body wash $4.49
Use the buy deodorant get body wash FREE coupon from the 5/16/2010
AND use the $2 off odor shield coupon from the 5/16/2010
Pay $2.99
Get back $4.50 in RR

Select Reach toothbrushes and floss 99 cents
Use the BOGO coupon from the 12/6/2009 RP -or- 1/3/2010 RP
AND Use any of the $1 off coupons from the 6/14/2009 SS -or- 10/18/09 RP -or- 1/3/2010 RP -or- 3/7/2010
OR use the $3 off 3 coupon from the 4/11/2010 RP
OR use this $1 off printable coupon

Old Spice Body Wash $4.49
Use the buy one Old Spice Body Wash or Fresh Collection Deodorant Get One Old Spice Body Wash Free from the 5/2/2010 P&G
AND use the BOGO body wash coupon from the 4/18/2010 RP
Pay $4.49 for all
Get back $4.50 in RR

Stride Gum $1
Use the Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon from the 5/1/2010 SS
AND Use the $1 off 2 coupon from the Wags May Coupon Booklet

Reese’s Dark Peanut Butter Cups 49 cents with IAC
Use the 55 cents off coupon from the 3/14/2010 SS
*Make sure to hand the MAN 1st then the IAC*

Velveeta Shells & Cheese cups $1
Use 4 $1 off 2 coupons from the 4/25/2010 SS
Get back a $1.50 RR
ONLY 13 cents each after RR and Coupons!!

Oscar Mayer Deli Creations $1.99 with IAC
Use the $1 off coupon from the 5/16/2010 SS
ONLY 99 cents!

Wags Paper Plates 99 cents with IAC

OFF! Clip-on Mosquito Protection $8.99
Use the BOGO printable coupon
AND Use the $2 off printable coupon
AND Use the $2 off WAGS coupon from the May coupon booklet
*the wags coupon will take off $4(2x$2) make sure to hand it over last*
$8.99x2=$17.98-$8.99(BOGO Q)=$8.99-$2=$6.99-$4(WAGS Q)=$2.99!!
ONLY $2.99 for BOTH! That's almost 75% off!!!

Starbucks Frappuccino 4 pack $5
Use 2 $1 off coupons from the 5/2/2010 SS
AND Use the $1 off 2 WAGS coupon from the May Coupon Booklet
ONLY $3.50 each!

Raid Max Bug Barrier Spray $8.99
Use the $3 off coupon from the 4/25/2010 SS
AND Use the $2 off coupon from the WAGS May Coupon Booklet
ONLY $3.99!

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