Thursday, May 27, 2010

FREE Movie rentals!-UPDATE

You can rent FREE movies this weekend at any Blockbuster Express Kiosk! Each of the codes are good for one FREE rental! The codes are SSD17A4,SSD17A3, and SSD17A2. Each of the above codes are good for one FREE rental per debit or credit card. So, if you have 5 credit or debit cards(any lots of free time) you can score 15 FREE rentals! You can check to see the nearest Blockbuster Express HERE!

UPDATE:Here's how it works. You select 1 movie to rent. You then select your cart. Then select promo code. Next you enter the code. Then you will see your total $0.00:)
Last your movie will pop out of the little slot. WOOHOO FREE Movies!! Repeat with the next code on the list! AND HEY WHILE YOU'RE THERE SHARE THE CODES! SHARING IS CARING!

Thanks to HIP2SAVE for this and so many other deals! Does she ever sleep?:)

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